1. Love is a practice. The foundation of love is rooted in kindness, and kindness is healing. Love is the combination of kindness, knowledge, care, commitment, compassion, respect, responsibility, and trust.

  2. I cultivate peace of mind. I can change the way I feel at any moment by selecting my thoughts, which allow me to master my behaviors. Freedom without discipline creates confusion.

  3. The opposite of love is not hate, but fear. The antidote to fear is not courage, but acceptance. Acceptance is not weakness, but grace – a surrendering that leads to peace, understanding, and transformation.

  4. I treat myself like someone I love and respect. I trust myself and my intuition.

  5. I strive to walk in compassion. My anger is a guide to help me identify my boundaries and show me the way out of feeling powerless. Hiding behind anger is often grief. I allow myself to feel.

  6. I do not take things personally. I know what others say and do is a mirror of their own fears and emotions.

  7. I pledge to take responsibility for myself, to be kind, compassionate, and to make choices that reduce suffering. I am a source of love for myself, my neighbors, my fellow animals, and Mother Earth.

  8. I practice gratitude for everything I have learned and what has been given to me.

  9. Love is not exclusive to gender, race, sexual orientation, or nationality.

  10. Like the sun, love is unconditional, infinite, and transformative.

  11. When I am connected to my heart center I know my value. From this space, I am able to calmly respond to fear and anger with peace and compassion.

  12. Reconciliation cannot happen without compassion. I will do my best to rise above my identity as a victim to listen in compassion so that I may raise my perspective to understand when another is also suffering. 

  13. Instead of placing my thoughts on those things that have not gone the way I wanted them to, I focus on what lessons I have learned.

  14. I can only take responsibility for myself, therefore, I will not blame or hold another accountable for my negative emotions or happiness. It is not my job to make anyone happy, but only to be kind, compassionate, and present.

  15. I give myself permission to feel all my emotions even the painful, negative ones like anger, sadness, disappointment, or fear. Emotions are healthy, temporary, and do not define my reality. Like a warrior, I face my pain in order to release it, thereby creating space for my happiness.

  16. I celebrate life every day by making curiosity, joy, and play a priority.

  17. I create opportunities; I don’t wait for opportunities to find me.

  18. I take financial control of my life and make money work for me. I spend money mindfully and I buy only what I need or what brings me joy. Money is a form of energy exchange.

  19. I give generously to those in need without expectation of repayment or obligation.

  20. I surrender the areas of my life that are a struggle. I am ready to let go and move forward now.

  21. I make better choices with each passing day.  The past is not who I am today. If I make a decision and I don’t like the outcome, I can choose again.  When I am in integrity with the small things, I can honor myself and others with the big things.

  22. I give myself permission to be myself. I am authentic and live life in my own way. I am responsible for creating my own reality. I am a magnet for all good things in life.